This is the start of something new…

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Pablito

    Yo C,
    Loving the Bell Grinder, but the load time on your site is choppy….
    I also think you need to get your arse back to nyc to brush up on your urban Chi.


  2. pabs

    Taking into account your passion and academic endeavors around ethnomusicological I share the following:
    Once upon a time, my younger cousin, Michael Anthony Piciucho (great grand-son of Nunniciata Garofano, mother of my eldest cousin Nancy), turned me on to a band of Icelandic musicians, Sigur Rós. Michael and I reveled in new and eclectic global music. Although we lived thousands of miles apart, digital media afforded us the opportunity to share musical affinity space. Michael shared the amazing music of Sigur Rós….I was hooked…I became entrenched in their music…I went into the depths of Washington Heights NYC to see them at United Palace…I’ve revolved video compositions around their music…
    I speak 4 maybe 5 languages fluently, but Icelandic isn’t one of them…Sigur Rós tunes are all in Icelandic….yet the music transcends…
    For what it’s worth, that my 2 cents, 1/8 of a toony into ethnomusicological.



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